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Vesica Pisces Crystalline Couples Therapy was created as an alternative to regular couples talk therapy and is a creative way for any two individuals, like mother and daughter, husband and wife, two friends, etc, to bring more clarity, understanding, harmony, and peace into their relationship. This offering is for in-person sessions only.


The general steps of the Vesica Pisces ritual are as follows:

*1  After a talk together and setting of intention, a journey with drum and sound aligns and strengthens the intention's focus as each person is directed to envision a current map of their life situation.

*2  Next, crystals are available for each person to create a mandala painting with the crystals to physically represent the map of their life including important people, issues, roles, and feelings.

*3  The couple take turns to explain the meaning and position of each crystal in their life mandala. Antoinette guides and provides insight according to the chosen crystals and their qualities.

*4  Antoinette will merge the structure of their mandalas to form a single geometric unit and the couple once again places the same crystals they used before into the new coupling form representing their inter-relational space.

*5  The couple will once again explain each of their actions, placements and feelings about each crystal in the new configuration.

*6  Finally Antoinette will guide the process of integration and illumination for the next step and together come up with an action/maintenance plan reflecting the gems and 'take aways' highlighted by the Vesica Pisces ritual.

Vesica Pisces Crystalline Couples Therapy:  3 hours /  $450

Vesica Pisces Intensive Package:  3 sessions in 3 month Package:  $1200

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